Introducing DevTools Tips, for all your cross-browser DevTools tips and tricks

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I recently launched (and on twitter) and made it an open-source project that anyone is welcome to contribute to on the github repo.

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The site is meant to be a collection of nice and simple cross-browser tips and tricks to get anyone more comfortable and productive with using the DevTools of their choice.

My goal is for the site to contain tips for everyone, whether they are seasoned developers or only starting, whether they do mostly CSS and HTML development, or JavaScript, performance improvement, and anything in between.

Browser vendors do have reference documentation for their DevTools already, and it's great and I'm definitely not trying to compete with those.
You can find those reference documentation here:

I strongly suggest going through some of the docs there as there is a lot to be learned about each tool.

My observation though, is that a lot of people don't really take the time to read those docs. They get introduced to the tools by co-workers, or blog posts, or on their own, and go from there, clicking around and discovering on their own. And reference docs can sometimes be daunting as there is a lot to read.

Short and specific articles about how to do certain things is a way for people to learn new and useful things that seems to work better.

I've seen a lot of people share tips on their blogs, at conferences or on twitter, and it's a great way to discover new things and raise awareness about other tools you might not be using.
Here are a couple you might like:

These are great, and I wish we could join forces. For the moment though, I haven't found one that was based on an open-source project that anyone could contribute to, and they tend to be mono-browser.

With DevTools Tips, I'd love to create a community of web developers who care about sharing their learnings with others in the form of quick tips, no matter what browser they happen to be using.

After a couple of weeks of working on this as a side project, I've already received contributions from 4 different people, which is awesome, and the site already counts more than 30 different tips.

If this sounds exciting to you, please don't hesitate to send ideas on twitter, or on GitHub, and if you feel like it, send me a PR.