My career at Mozilla

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Over the past 6,5 years, while working at Mozilla, I was involved in a lot of different projects related to Firefox DevTools.

During that time, a lot happened, and so much of it was really amazing to be a part of. I had a lot of fun, met so many wonderful people who shared my passion for web tooling.

My career in numbers

My different roles

I started as a software engineer, moved on to become one of the leads for the Inspector part, and then the DevTools module owner (in Mozilla linguo, this means the technical decision maker for the entire DevTools codebase). I finally ended up as an engineering manager for a few years.

I have been involved in pretty much all of the phases that make up the product engineering lifecycle and I have learned so much from each of them. I implemented new features, fixed bugs, fixed tests, worked with other engineers, ideated on new user features, ran user tets, built prototypes, communicated with designers, QA, management, product managers, and managed amazing engineers.

The things I helped build

The list below is, by no means, a list of the things I, personally, implemented. I did do some of them myself, but for a large part, they were team efforts, and I only contributed to them in some way or other (managing the team, reviewing patches, etc.). This list is also not complete. A lot of the work that happened (and this is true for any codebase) was hidden: fixing tests, fixing bugs, cleaning things up, etc.

A bunch of smaller features

The bigger features