Patrick Brosset

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Senior Product Manager, Edge Developer Experience

Microsoft, France (remote), July 2021 » Now

As part of the Edge Web Experiences team, my role main role is DevRel. I document and evangelize Edge web technologies such as web platform, DevTools, PWA or WebView. I manage our open-source community across multiple repositories. I write developer documentation on the Edge developer docs website, MDN, and other places. I produce demos, videos, blog posts, and speak at conferences.

I also participate in multiple cross-company web ecosystem initiatives such as The Web We Want, W3C WebDX Community Group, Open Web Docs, FUGU, and others.

I also act as a feature PM for Edge DevTools on certain features.

Senior Developer Tools Engineer

Microsoft, France (remote), May 2020 » July 2021

Part of the Microsoft Edge Developer Tools team as a senior software engineer. I helped implement new features (such as layout debugging and Focus mode), triaged and acted on customer feedback, fixed bugs and improved accessibility in DevTools. A lot of the work was done on the open-source Chromium project, in collaboration with the Chrome DevTools team at Google.

Senior Firefox DevTools Engineering Manager

Mozilla, France (remote), June 2018 » April 2020

I was in charge of the engineering team that implemented and maintained the following tools in Firefox: CSS grid inspector, Flexbox inspector, Fonts editor, CSS Shapes editor, CSS Changes tracker, the Responsive Design Mode and more.
These are industry-leading tools that have been acclaimed by DevTools users, and have been influencing other browser vendors' strategies.
The biggest part of my job consisted in managing engineers, including hiring, mentoring, planning, setting goals and expectations, doing performance reviews, etc.
I was also actively involved in defining the product strategy, setting team goals and helping design and ship new features, keeping in close contact with product management and user experience.
I was also the owner of the DevTools module within the Mozilla project.

Firefox DevTools Engineering Manager

Mozilla, France (remote), May 2015 » June 2018

At first I managed a sub-team within DevTools, but then moved on to being in charge of the entire group (~20 people, including two managers and their teams).
My responsibilities included people management, hiring, planning, defining strategies and goals and technical ownership of the Inspector module.
I led the team through various projects including: the first CSS layout debugging tool in any browser (CSS Grid inspector, which I actively helped design, implement and ship), important re-architecture projects (XUL removal, and multi-process support), refactor of the entire UI with React/Redux, new remote debugging features, etc.

Senior Firefox DevTools Software Engineer

Mozilla, France (remote), August 2013 » May 2015

Worked remotely with a geographically distributed team, on Firefox DevTools, part of the open-source Mozilla project.
I was in charge of the DOM/HTML/CSS tooling within DevTools.
My main work consisted in setting the Inspector tool on a trajectory that would make it relevant and even possibly leading in the future.
I implemented a lot of missing features then, modernized it, but also implemented innovative features (a CSS animation/transition inspector, a CSS transform previewer). Finally, I participated in many code clean-up and re-architecture projects such as the implementation of an entire new rendering stack for highlighting elements in the page.

Senior Software Engineer

Amadeus, France, July 2012 » August 2013

I joined the newly created Airport IT development group within Amadeus, and worked on mission-critical applications for the Airport IT industry.
I helped implement a runway sequence planner and a stand and gate allocation tool.
I wrote mostly HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with client-side frameworks. The applications had to deal with big amounts of data that needed to be displayed live with high performance.
I also spent 2 months in Munich, Germany, to help and train a part of the development team based there.

Team Leader

Amadeus, France, June 2009 » July 2012

I was in charge of the team developing the Amadeus aria templates UI framework.
The team was focused on delivering a fast and reliable framework that powered professional single-page web apps for the travel-industry business.
I helped create the team, put in place processes and managed the day to day activities.
The framework became the official Amadeus UI web stack, used by hundreds within the company, and later on also open sourced.

Software Engineer

Amadeus, France, January 2008 » May 2009

Using a variety of technologies from Java/J2EE to Ajax, I participated in the design, architecture, development and maintenance of an internal client/server application framework.
I also trained other development teams to use the framework.

Software Engineer

Astek, France, July 2006 » January 2008

I worked on's booking website and implemented and maintained several of the pages, using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web Designer/Developer

Zoe Communications, New Zealand, June 2004 » February 2006

As a web developer and designer, I created websites for companies in New Zealand. I was responsible for meeting with customers, designing the pages and implementing the sites, based on a CMS.

Education and certifications